Science of Neuroplasticity

Learning how to play a guitar or how to shoot a bow and arrow involves practice. With practice our brain rewires itself and we become proficient. Learning a skill is possible because of neuroplasticity. This is true of probably everything that we learn. Language, music, chess, art, dance, skiing, face recognition, fear of danger and so on. All of this is possible because of memory and because of neuron synapse recruitment, refinement  and regulation. With experience our brain is constantly rewiring itself. The more experience that we have the more efficient our brains become at a given task.

This is mostly good but it can work also work against us. Irrational fear is learned and can be debilitating and difficult to escape. Pain can be learned and be difficult to forget. A limb that is in agony because of ischemia is not so easily forgotten once it is amputated. This is neural plasticity.