The purpose of this website is to bring recovering mesh pain patients together in a way that they can help each other in their recovery. Anything that does not support this goal may be disallowed. Generally that includes promotion or defamation of any person, institution or company. There will be no ad-hominem attacks. Negativity is discouraged specifically because it impairs recovery. It is not the purpose of this website to promote the interests of any individual other than the suffering. Also it is not the purpose of this website to promote or denigrate a surgical procedure or medical device. This website should be a positive experience for everybody.

The following will be strictly enforced:

  • No profanity
  • Nothing offensive
  • No sex talk unless its about difficulty imposed by chronic pain
  • No abuse
  • No solicitation
  • Do not capitalize WORDS
  • Do not quote statistics or medical science without references to back it up unless  you are a medical authority. Actually this is not a place for debate.
  • Non-physicians should not give medical advice.

Patients are encouraged to share their personal medical experiences. They may give advice about non-medical strategies for dealing with chronic pain and the consequences of chronic pain. There will be no “I know many patients who . . “. Each patient is an individual with an individual experience.