• Allodynia – When a light touch causes pain where normally pain would not be felt this is called allodynia and is a product of central sensitization.
  • Allopathic physician – Also known as traditional medicine is medicine based on scientific methodology as outlined by the Flexner Report of 1910.
  • Central Sensitization – Long term exposure to severe pain causes the neural pathways involved in the perception to become sensitized which then produces the phenomena of allodynia, hyperalgesia and phantom pain. Acute pain plus central sensitization equals chronic pain.
  • Hyperalgesia – Pain that is more intense than it should be based on the level of stimulation is called hyperalgesia. It is a product of central sensitization. Patients mesh pain have pain out of proportion to the stimulation.
  • Phantom pain – Patients with chronic pain can have the source of the pain removed and still have pain. This is seen in 80% of patients who have a limb amputated have phantom pain.